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Sunway VCP Vitrified Clay Pipe

It’s cheap, abundant and readily available in most parts of the world. It is easily formed, assembled and maintained. It has a proven record of corrosion resistance, longevity in service and reliability.

Clay is the “original” material used in water and public health engineering works. The Egyptians used fired clay containers to convey and store water 5000 years ago. Later, the Romans formed fired clay pipes to convey clean and dirty water.

Clay pipe is non-combustible. The pipe is vitrified at temperatures above 1000°C effectively eliminating any combustible material.

Clay is also extremely “green”. It is by far the most environmental-friendly material that can be used for

transporting waste. Many of those re-discovered ancient pipes are found to be still be in good working condition, their corrosion resistance intact. Other sewer systems, some built as recently as the 20th century and made of other materials, such as asbestos cement, iron and plastics have already deteriorated rapidly, allowing toxic material to seep into the ground.

And finally, clay pipes are easily recyclable. Unlike plastic and other pipes, they can be easily re-used and refabricated to produce new pipe material. That saves money……and helps save the environment too.

Standard: MS1061:1999

Catalogue: Sunway-Vcp-Catalogue



Dimensions Diameter DN1 / Dn2 (mm)
150/150 200/150 225/150 225/225 300/150 300/225 300/300
L1 (mm) 450 480 480 600 480 600 750
1d1 (mm) 150 200 225 225 300 300 300
1d2 (mm) 205 262 291 291 376 376 376
1M1 (mm) 70 70 70 70 70 70 70
2M1 (mm) 70 70 70 70 70 70 70
2d1 (mm) 150 150 150 225 150 225 300
2d2 (mm) 205 205 205 291 205 291 376
Approx.Wt. (kg) 18 29 33 36 47 60 72

Features and Benefits

Sunway VCP offers world class technical and economical solutions for drainage and sewerage works. We provide a complete product range of pipes and fittings made of vitrified clay in standard dimensions and diameters ranging from of 150 to 1400 mm.

  • Advanced European technology Superior in quality
  • High structural strength
  • Fully glazed inside and out
  • Heat, chemical and corrosion resistance
  • High durability
  • Socket/spigot type with prefabricated flexible joints
  • Approved to MS 1061:1999 and BS EN 295
  • Safe and easy palletised packing
Weight N/A
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