4″ Tile Tray Plastic (White) Floor Grating (S2-PTT4W-R), SANSICO

RM22.75 RM22.07

Box Includes: 

1: White Plastic Tile Tray (TP-TT4-W).

2: Standard White Plastic Collar (S2-CP-TT4-W).

BS EN 1253:2003

Catalogue: Sansico Top Access Floor Trap System

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)


Benefits of S2 Trap system:

  • Can convert the conventional to top access door trap. Easy conversion with existing pipe sleeve, without major hacking
  • Prevents bubble / foam from overflowing
  • Prevents foul smell and insects from entering the house
  • Top cleaning / access
  • Higher False Ceiling, space saving
  • Flow rate of 68 liters / minute
Weight 0.099 kg


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