HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Full Perforated Drainage Pipe Complete With Socket, SKILLTRIM


SKILLTRIM HDPE Double Wall Perforated Corrugated is a structured wall pipe made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) material, with its smooth inner wall welded homogeneously with the outer corrugated wall. This pipe is designed for the purpose of water seepage; therefore it comes either in partially perforated or fully perforated depending on its applications and user requirements.

This perforated pipe is also known as subsoil drainage pipe and it is widely used for underground water drainage systems for sports fields, golf courses, parks, stadium, landscaping, roads, highway, agriculture ground and many more.

Catalogue: HDPE Double Wall Perforated Corrugated Pipe SKILLTRIM


Advantages and Features:

Inner; d Outter; D HALF-FULL FULL
DWCP100 100 ± 1mm 117 ± 1mm Pipe: 6m, 12m

Coil: 30m, 50m

3 x 20mm holes 6 x 20mm holes
DWCP150 150 ± 2mm 174 ± 2mm Pipe: 6m, 12m

Coil: 30m, 50m

3 x 30mm holes 6 x 30mm holes
DWCP200 200 ± 2mm 234 ± 2mm Pipe: 6m, 12m 3 x 40mm holes 6 x 40mm holes
  • High strength to withstand external load.
  • High impact resistance and best hydraulic resistance.
  • Moisture-proof and water tight.
  • Flexibility, toughness and lightweight make it easier for handling and to be laid.
  • Easy and low cost installation, narrower trenches and fewer fittings.
  • Long term strength and durability for extended life and performance.
  • Maintenance free as it is non-corrosive product and it can withstand with abrasion and chemical corrosion.
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HDPE Sizes:

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