Galvanised Iron 45Deg Elbow, KINKO


Galvanized pipe fittings are covered with a layer of zinc which makes these fittings have a higher ability of corrosion protection and help to prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits that will block the pipe. Galvanized pipe fittings are mainly used for carrying water to supply home and commercial buildings; it may also serve as scaffolding frames because of its rust prevention.

Standard: BS 143 + 1256: 1986
Application: Conveyance of water

Catalogue: KINKO Fittings


Qualities and Inspections

Leakage The fittings, when subjected to a pneumatic pressure of 0.5Mpa (5.1kgf/cm2), shall not suffer any leakage 1.       Type

2.       Acceptance

Pressure Resistance The fittings, when subjected to a hydraulic pressure of 2.5Mpa (25.5kgf/cm2), shall be free from breakage or other abnormalities. 1.       Type
Screw Threads The screw threads for fittings shall be taper pipe threads specified in JIS B0203 1.       Type

2.       Acceptance

Deviation Axial Lines of Threads The angular deviation between respective axial lines of threads shall be 2mm or less for a distance of 300mm. 1.       Type

2.       Acceptance

Plating Whereas the plating is to be processed, fittings shall be plated by hot zinc dipping prior to thread cutting, and layer of playing shall have a uniform adhesion to the plated surfaces 1.       Type
Shapes and Dimension ·         The shapes and dimensions of fittings shall be in accordance with JIS B2301

·         The shapes and dimension may conform to ISO 49-1983 (Malleable cast iron fittings threaded to ISO 7/1)

·         The tolerance on basic dimensions for lengths from one end dace to the center or to another end face shall conform to Table 4, and other dimensions represent recommended values.

1.       Type

2.       Acceptance

Weight N/A

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