Ductile Iron Manhole Cover & Frame With Keylock & Hinges 840MM x 840MM x 100MM(H) x 600MM(O) Kumbahan, ALFRAN

RM750.00 RM450.00

Kumbahan Manhole Alfran
ALFRAN Manhole cover and frame complete with hinge and locking device complying with EN 124: 1994 class D 400 (test load:400kN), manufactured from spheroidal graphite cast iron complying with grade 500-7 of ISO 1083.

Standard: BS EN 124:1994
Application: Sewerage

Catalogue: Kumbahan-Manhole-ALFRAN-Catalog

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

Solid top cover with frame 840mm x 840mm overall, 100mm height, 600mm clear opening.

Non toxic bitumen paint

Made from ductile iron

Weight 72 kg
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