160MM x 110MM UPVC Rainwater Reducing Y-Tee Sirim, BBB

RM124.80 RM42.43

Rainwater fittings are intended to be used for soil and waste discharge pipe work for conveyance of domestic wastewater (low and high temperature), ventilating pipe work and rainwater pipe work within building structure.

Standard: MS 1063:2002
Application: Conveyance of water

Catalogue: BINA Rainwater Pipe & Fitting

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D1 D2 L1 L2
FU/YT-082S 82 45 82.6 82.6 205 46.5
FU/YT-110S 110 45 110.2 110.2 255 50
FU/YT-160S 160 45 160.4 160.4 315 73.5
FU/YT-160-110S 160X110 45 160.4 110.2 376 52.1
FU/YT-200S 200 45 200.4 200.4 428 62

UPVC Rainwater Downpipes and Fittings

Rainwater downpipes are used to direct rainwater away from a building, typically from roof gutters to the drainage system. Bina Plastic rainwater downpipes are manufactured from high quality Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) materials. These pipes meet the requirements of BS EN 12200-1, MS 1063, BS EN ISO 1452.

There are 4 TYPES of rainwater downpipes which are:

1: Light Duty – Suitable for landed properties such as terrace or bungalow houses.

2: Normal Duty – Recommended for high rise properties such as apartment, condominium and commercial building.

3: Medium Duty – Suitable for low rise casting and extreme expose installation.

4: Heavy Duty – Suitable for casting and underground columns.


Features & Benefits

1: Corrosion Resistant – It is unaffected by coastal atmosphere and completely resistant to industrial air pollution.

2: Light Weight – The pipes are easily transported and installed.

3: Performance

  • Excellent flow characteristics allow for low maintenance and trouble free performance.
  • Smooth bore with low coefficient of friction.
  • Formulated to withstand weathering effect.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Prevents algae and microbial growth.
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