Classic 540 Hedge Clipper (23cm Blade), GARDENA 391


With the GARDENA Classic Hedge Clippers 540, an especially smooth and efficient hedge trim can be achieved. The integrated branch-cutter allows efficient work. The non-stick coated blade has a length of 23 cm. The total length of the Hedge Clippers is 54 cm.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Pleasant to hold
    • Ergonomically formed wooden handle
  • High quality
  • Long lasting
  • Blade length: 23 CM
  • Total length: 54 CM
  • Smoother and more efficient cut
    • Sturdy, non-stick coated, wave-ground blades.
  • Wood of the handles is FSC® 100%-certified
    • Uses only wood from forests in which high ecological and social production standards are adhered to.
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