HDPE PE100 Pipe PN20 (5M Length), HANSEN

RM8.30 RM6.64

High Density Polyethylene Pipe for cold water system.
With Sirim approved and manufactured using approved raw material HDPE and comply to MS 1058.

Standard: MS ISO 1058
Application: Conveyance of water

Catalogue : HANSEN Pipe & Fitting

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

PIPE OD OD SIZE Pipe Series PE100
mm Min
SDR PN e min
e max


20 20.0 20.3 9 20 2.3 2.7 0.131
25 25.0 25.3 11 16 2.3 2.7 0.171
32 32.0 32.3 11 16 3.0 3.4 0.279
40 40.0 40.4 11 16 3.7 4.2 0.431
50 50.0 50.4 11 16 4.6 5.2 0.669

Features and Benefits

  • A comprehensive range of high density polyethylene pipes and fittings provides a complete system for potable water.
  • UV Stabilized
  • Proven joint systems (used in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand) offer long term, leak-free performance. Sleek joint system for use in confined areas or locations susceptible to ground movement and small enough to conceal in the wall
  • No Compression Rings, No ‘O’ rings, No Crimping, No Solvent Cement, No Fusion, No PTFE Tape – fast, leak proof and simple installation, requires no special site equipment or skilled labour. Low installation costs combined with the long life of Hansen pipe and fittings make it the cost-effective choice.
  • Excellent hydraulic flow characteristics.
  • Materials used are not permeated or degraded by organic or inorganic contaminants in the soil. They do not rust, or corrode.
  • The high strength of Nylon and high density Polyethylene makes it suitable for high stress applications where fatigue or pressure surge may be experienced and gives security against unforeseen circumstances like ground subsidence.
  • Patented System – no “backyard manufacturers or imitations. You are assured of high quality leak proof products.
  • Test results from reputed testing bodies (SIRIM, etc) are available on request. -support bracket min 1m / bracket recommended
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