55MM Toilet Flush Valve 507TM, FLUIDMASTER

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Fluidmaster toilet tank parts are found in more toilets than all other brands combined and is the no. 1 brand of toilet repair parts worldwide. Easy to install and built to last, both consumers and plumbers trust fluidmaster products the most to fix all toilet problems.

Catalogue: FluidMaster Catalog

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Flush components control the release of the water from the tank into the toilet bowl once the tank lever handle has been pressed. Fluidmaster has a complete line of highly efficient flush valves to accommodate your needs. Fluidmaster flush valves are easy to install, save water and will stop leaks at the drain.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick & easy to install
  • Long life performance
  • Enables toilet flushes
  • The flush valve controls the water within the tank
  • Flapper actuates the flushing action
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