16.0(THK) SDS Plus Drill Bit, (SDS PLUS-5) BOSCH


SDS drill bits make drilling holes into concrete, block and stone extremely quick and easy. Mainly used in hammer drilling in reinforced concrete, renovation work, chemical anchor installation and more.


Features and Benefits

  • High Quality
  • Extreme Drilling Performance
  • Various Sizes
  • Durable with Long Life Span
  • Slim and light helix for superior drilling speed
Type SDS Plus-5
Diameter (mm) 16.0
Overall Length (mm) 200/215/300/315/450/465
Working Length (mm) 150/150/250/250/400/400
SDS Plus Drill Bit

16.0 x 200/150MM, 16.0 x 215/150MM, 16.0 x 300/250MM, 16.0 x 315/250MM, 16.0 x 450/400MM, 16.0 x 465/400MM

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